Feel Better… Recover Faster… Sleep Deeper… NOW!


We know what you did last night....

Tossed, turned and couldn’t fall asleep. Right?

Sleep is VITAL to athletic recovery. Improve your sleep game! This high-potency, all-natural oil is specifically formulated to get you to sleep and keep you there. Simple, clean, high-quality natural ingredients support the deep, restorative sleep you need! Our formulation contains CBN from the hemp plant, a natural sleep super ingredient, and terpenes from plants such as myrcene, linalool, and caryophyllene to focus and amplify CBN’s sleep benefits.


Suffering from Chronic Muscle Aches and Joint Pain? 

Our warming stick can help. It's like an all-day heating pad for your trouble spots! A full-spectrum topical product that warms, activates, and supports healing. Put it on before your workout, after recovery, or for all-day relief; reduce inflammation and ease pain.

Warming Stick

Are muscle aches or joint pain keeping you off the court, fairway or mountain?

Our freeze gel is like instantly dropping an ice pack onto your pain or taking a cold plunge… without the plunge for instant relief and long-term healing. This roll-on gel provides for smooth and even application across problem spots, whether large or small.


Do you have chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety? Do you want to feel better?

You need our Anytime Oil. Give yourself a complete wellness tune-up. Our formulation is simple, clean and includes high quality ingredients such as nature’s super-healing ingredient, CBD.


Boost your energy + have laser-like focus = Get things Done!

Our gummies will power you through that afternoon slump. And help you zero in on what needs to happen before that deadline. Made with great stuff from nature such as Ginseng, Lion's Mane, B-12, and nature's super ingredient, CBD.


Not sure how to get started with CBD? Want a great deal? Our basics bundle is for you!

Think of the products in our bundle as a team that helps you with many problems. Chronic pain... check. Sleep problems… check. Energy + Focus… check and check. This bundle has you covered, all at a great value!