Sleep Recovery - CBD Oil (30ml)

Sleep is vital to athletic recovery!  This high-potencytincture is specifically formulated to help athletes get the deeprestful sleep they need. Take this tincture before bedtime to empower your sleep recovery. Simple, clean,high-qualityingredients.


Anytime Recovery - CBD Oil (30ml)

This unique and specific formulation provides athletes with high-potency and targeted recovery. Take this tincture at anytime of day to empower your recovery. Simple, clean, high-quality ingredients. This product has 0% THC and isrecommended for people concerned about drug testing.


Anytime Recovery, Focus + Energy - Gummies (30 count)

Take these gummies before you play or anytime throughout the day to improve energy and focus. Gummies are a great way to supplement, or use as an alternative delivery approach, in reaching your daily CBD recovery program dosages.


Freeze Gel - (2oz)

This cooling topical provides relief and recovery to areas of pain and discomfort. Our formulation containshealing ingredients from nature such as arnica, menthol, caryophyllene, pinene and linalool. This roll-on gelprovides for smooth and even application across problem spots whether large or small.


Warming Stick

A full spectrum topical product that warms, activates and supports healing. This twist-up deodorant style stick allows for smooth and even application across problem areaslarge or small before and after activity. Helpsreduce inflammation and ease pain.


Basic Bundle

Not sure how to get started with CBD? Our basics bundle is for you!
Everyone needs restful sleep and our CBD sleep oil will help get you the rest you need! During the daytime your recovery, and focus+energy will be supported by our tasty, easy to consume gummies.