Add CBD to your recovery regimen to have you feeling your best self again.

Sometimes good ideas are obvious, but we need friendly reminders to incorporate simple and effective regimens into our daily routine. Many of the suggestions below take little time to implement (we promise) and will reduce your aches, pains, inflammation and poor sleep problems.

Try adding several of these to your day, even a few minutes helps build good habits!

1. BREATHE - more deeply, slowly, and thoughtfully

2. HYDRATE - move vital nutrients around your body, lubricate your parts.

3. STAND - sitting is the new smoking, get up every 45 minutes.

4. MOVE - go for a short walk, take the stairs to revitalize your energy

5. STRETCH - it feels good

6. ROLL - on your foam roller, mobility balls etc.

7. MASSAGE - use a percussion gun to hit tight spots, or treat yourself to one

8. CBD - use ingestibles & topicals as part of a total recovery program

9. COMPRESS - wear compression boots, or socks, for passive recovery

10. SLEEP - get more of it, go to bed at the same time every night

11. MEDITATE - being mindful, and present in the moment relieves stress

12. SOAK- in an Epsom salt bath, or infrared sauna

13. REDUCE- inflammation-causing foods - sugars, booze, processed foods

14. WARM UP - do dynamic movements before exercise

15. ACTIVE RECOVERY - continue moving and cooling down after exercise

16. YOGA - don't have much time, there are plenty of 10 & 20 min free yoga videos online

17. EAT - more inflammatory reducing foods such as blueberries and spinach