Freeze Gel - (2oz)

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Don’t accept aches, pains or poor sleep as par for the course. 


Our products are up to 5X more potent than other popular brands. Our Warming Stick has  6,000 mg of CBD, our CBD Oils have 3,000 mg of CBD, among the highest potencies available to ensure they work! We also use Terpene profiles formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo for specific effects such as recovery, sleep, energy and focus.


Our products are tested by an independent third party laboratory to ensure quality, potency and safety. The Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) show you exactly what’s in the products that you buy. Making COA’s available on our website product pages is part of our transparent and ethical business practices.


Athletes need powerful solutions made specifically for their needs. We know this because our team is comprised of athletes, and we formulated products for people like us. We get you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Better than tiger balm

I’ve used the freeze gel when I want a nice cooling alleviating sensation for random aches and pains and it always does the job in a flash. The ease of the applicator makes it for a mess free job unlike other brands you have to use your hands to spread around.

Evan Sroka
Easy way to make the aches go away

I often get annoying pains in my lower back and the top of my foot, especially when I’m active and moving around a lot. The freeze gel is so easy to use and is really effective at making the pain go away. I carry it wherever I go since I never know when I’ll need it!

Summer Obianwu
Freeze Gel

I love the Freeze Gel; it helps to take the pain away for couple of hours. I had surgery and this product helps.

Bethany Gaudet
Happy Muscles

As a nearly-40 year old who has been playing soccer weekly, I am used to the sore muscles that get even tighter painful a day or two after playing hard. But now after a game, I use the Freeze Gel over the muscles that are tightening and aching that night. And when I wake up in the morning, those muscles are already feeling on the mend and less tight and restrictive!!

This product is magic!

I recently broke my toe, which aches far more than one would imagine. A friend offered me Yellow Athletic's Freeze Gel to treat it & I can not express how much it did to reduce both the swelling and the pain. Everyone should have this product in their medicine cabinet!