Warming Stick
Warming Stick

Warming Stick

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The Yellow Athletic Difference

Our CBD All Star products will help get you out there doing what you love!

Don’t accept aches, pains or poor sleep as par for the course. 


Our products are up to 5X more potent than other popular brands. Our Warming Stick has  6,000 mg of CBD, our CBD Oils have 3,000 mg of CBD, among the highest potencies available to ensure they work! We also use Terpene profiles formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo for specific effects such as recovery, sleep, energy and focus.


Our products are tested by an independent third party laboratory to ensure quality, potency and safety. The Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) show you exactly what’s in the products that you buy. Making COA’s available on our website product pages is part of our transparent and ethical business practices.


Athletes need powerful solutions made specifically for their needs. We know this because our team is comprised of athletes, and we formulated products for people like us. We get you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Works on my tennis elbow

After years of elbow pain and ineffective healing products, I had given up on certain exercises. 6 weeks ago, I started using the Warming Stick and Freeze Gel in combination for my elbow pain and I haven't felt this good in a very long time. So happy to find something that actually works!

Really helps with my knee joint

I am training for a marathon and get stuck at 12 miles because of knee pain occurring around that distance.
I have used the warming stick on my knee before the run and was able to run 15 miles without feeling any pain or restriction in my range of motion. It is now a non negotiable part of my pre-run routine!

Bumjin Park
Good product

I am using the Warming stick for 2 weeks now, and I found out my left big toe joint pain was almost gone. I am already back to run...
Great product, I strongly recommend.

Brian Flynn
Doesn’t work in any way

It’s just a rubbing stick with cinnamon scent. No warming action, no help on swelling, nothing at all. A complete waste, frustratingly so.

Nancy Hawkinsq
Helps my painful arthritis in my left thumb

When I have pain I rub this on, it’s a good product but be careful while it washes out it can put the red color on your clothes and sheets until you wash them. I like the smell, cinnamon.